Website Lead Tracker

Website Lead Tracker

Ever wondered what companies visit your website?
Did you also wonder if they were genuine sales prospects you’re missing?

rev™ Website Lead Tracker tells you which companies have visited your website!

rev™ Website Lead Tracker – Driving your business growth

rev™ Brand Development & Marketing is a digital transformation agency who connects companies with their customers using Digital Experiences (CX) and Digital Journeys.

We’ve been providing website development and marketing services to our customers for a number of years and have recently included the rev™ Website Lead Tracker service to this portfolio.

We can now provide sales-focused companies with a website tracking system which can tell you what companies are visiting your website, and in most cases using the integration to LinkedIn, provide you with contact details.

Website Lead Tracker tells you the companies who have visited your website!

We use lead profiling and filtering to profile and also highlight the type of companies you need to engage FIRST
(hot, warm, cold segments).

Email notifications to inform you when a company visits your website and matches your lead profile.

Companies can be automatically loaded into your CRM or Sales Tracking System
(e.g. Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, and webCRM etc.). See Certified Partners

Company details are automatically loaded into your email marketing engine e.g. MailChimp where they join our email workflow program (sales funnel).

As companies progress through the sales process, the sales pipeline tracking and reporting ensure that you have complete visibility to current sales status information.

Benefits of the Website Lead Tracker

Sales Team Benefits:
• Uncovers HOT sales leads who have visited your site and are READY TO BUY.
• Better visibility to leads being generated from your sales campaigns.
• Creates an additional sales channel for your business – data you never had previously.
• Full integration to your sales management tools and CRM – no more forgotten leads.
• Lead filtering and score carding helps you to segment leads into priority follow up stages.
• Faster researching with integration to LinkedIn and other business tools.
• Search companies and view their browsing history and recent site visits.

Sales Management Benefits:
• Creating a more efficient, visible and measurable sales process for your business.
• Improved reporting by having access to current data, when you need it.
• More accurate and sustainable sales pipeline, allowing better forecasting and planning.
• Maximise the effectiveness of your sales and marketing programs.
• MORE closed sales.

Marketing Benefits:
• Boost the outcomes of your content and marketing across social media and digital channels.
• Better measurement of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
• Full integration to email engines and CRM to remove data entry.
• Extends the use of pixel tracking and digital remarketing campaigns.
• Stops the leaks in your lead generation programs by highlighting anonymous website visitors.
• Removes the complexities of Google Analytics.
• Uncovers HOT leads who have visited your site and are keen to purchase.

How we implement rev™ Website Lead Tracker Service

Step 1. We provide a digital experience and journey strategy and tactical plans.

Step 2. Boost your online marketing content (blogs, adverts, social media posts, news items etc.) to drive more traffic to your website and campaign landing pages.

Step 3. Create digital tracking pixels and remarketing campaigns which track social media and website visitors reading your online marketing content.
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Step 4. Set-up website monitoring tools that provide website heat and movement maps to track page visits and online journeys.

Step 5. Configure the Lead Tracker tool, lead filtering and score carding

Step 6. Build the links between Lead Tracker and your internal systems (CRM or Sales Tracking System, email marketing engines) or we can recommend these types of tools to you.

Step 7. We plan and build your digital engagement remarketing campaigns and email workflows. These nurture your leads through an educational buyer journey (sales funnels).

Step 8. We ensure that you have a structured sales engagement process in place (defined selling stages).

Step 9. We also provide optional sales coaching and mentoring to work with your sales staff and teach them the art of sales qualification, nurturing, and building sales pipelines.

Step 10. Sales reporting and visibility: as companies move through the sales process, sales pipeline tracking and reporting will ensure that you have complete visibility to current sales pipeline information.

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