Click, Click, Buy, Christmas Readiness Program

Our Christmas Readiness Program is an eCommerce improvement service designed to optimise your online presence and maximise your online visibility and sales opportunities.

Last Year Sucked.
Don’t let your Christmas sales be the same!

With an expected 85% lift in online sales this Christmas, we’ll ensure that your business is ‘Christmas Ready’ to capitalise on the online shopping behaviour as a result of COVID-19.

As a business owner, you don’t need to be reminded of the havoc that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused to your business over the past 6-months.

If you’re one of the Australian businesses who has already adapted to the ‘new normal’ and have implemented an online eCommerce program, you’re pretty much guaranteed a slice of the predicted end-of-year Christmas sales lift.

Australia Post delivery data shows 200,000 new households shopped online in April. Compared to an average April week in 2019.

Just because you’re selling online doesn’t mean instant success!

2020 has seen a dramatic change in the way that people shop online for products and services.

To meet this demand, companies have turbocharged their eCommerce programs with the addition of online shopping stores to their websites, and by embracing omnichannel marketing and sales programs e.g. selling on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and

These same companies are also investing heavily in social media and digital marketing to DRIVE online traffic and promote their brand.

However, just because you’re now selling online doesn’t automatically mean that your warehouse will be busy or Christmas sales will be flowing into your bank account?

With thousands of businesses marketing themselves online using Google, Facebook, Instagram etc, HOW DO YOU cut through the marketing noise to make your sales offer stand out to online shoppers?

Click, Click, Buy, Christmas Readiness Program

With an expected 85% sales lift this Christmas, our Click, Click, Buy, Christmas Readiness Program will ensure that your online business is equipped to take advantage of this peak end-of-year trading period.

Our Christmas Readiness Program is an eCommerce improvement service designed to optimise your online presence to maximise your online visibility and sales opportunity. Program includes;   

Boosting Online Visibility:

Brand Identity and Message update
Google My Business listing update
Facebook Business Profile update
Facebook and Google Shop review
Website eCommerce optimisation plan
SEO review with recommendations
Social Media blog optimisation (3 blogs)
Omnichannel marketing plan (eBay, Amazon, Catch etc)
Customer Reviews marketing recommendations
Google keywords and search phrase list
Solidify your online presence and branding plan.

Creating an Irresistible Offer:

Facilitated campaign goals and tactical workshop
Creation of amazing sales offers and supporting promotional plan
Design of your ‘Loss Leader’ hook
Review of your eCommerce store and catalogue
Facebook and Google Shop recommendations
Target Audience definition
Customisation of campaign graphics and images
Video campaign recommendations
Campaign analysis and review.

Building Engaging Sales Campaigns:

Creation of a social media marketing campaign
Google AdWords Update
Facebook Ads Manager Update
Creation of your Facebook Marketing audience
Design of attractive and engaging digital adverts
Creation of campaign graphics and images
Creation of Email marketing campaigns
Design of your Digital Sales Funnel
Design of your Digital Remarketing tactics
Content Marketing recommendations
Campaign measurement and optimisation training.

With only around 8 decent trading weeks until Christmas, you need to act now!

We’ll deliver all of this in JUST 14-DAYS!
PLUS, we’ll also include 3-months of marketing mentoring valued at $995 to keep you focused and on track.

For a TOTAL cost of $2,995 +gst (Save more than $2000)

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