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Space Marketing – The New Frontier!

Helping space agencies across the world connect the digital touchpoints between their brand vision and consumers’ dreams.

If you are confused about when and who started marketing in space, think back to 2012, when Felix Baumgartner leapt to the edge of space wearing nothing but a spacesuit and parachute, free-falling around 1,300 klm per hour.

Featured on his garment was a Red Bull logo.

It wasn’t a government space program that sponsored the mission, but Red Bull, who saw the early potential…

Marketing Space – the New Frontier! 

The two segments associated with Space Marketing are Space Agencies and Space Tourism. Both are most commonly linked, BUT the marketing message is usually different.

For example, Space Agencies focus on mission funding through sponsors and collaboration programs. Space Tourism is attempting to sell the dream of space vacations to consumers as the technology makes these ‘more affordable’… 

Space Tourism Marketing

Space Tourism Marketing offers a unique opportunity for companies to reimagine themselves outside Earth. 

Many commercial space agencies see this opportunity and are in the race to create space ventures focused on the tourism potential, influencing where we might choose to vacation in the future.

Space tourism marketing programs must begin early to educate the consumer about the opportunity space travel presents and also to remove the allaying associated risks. 

Space Agency Marketing

Space Agencies can be either government-endorsed or independent agencies focused on space programs, aeronautics research, and overall space research. Examples are NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, New Zealand Space Agency etc.

Their goal is to promote their brand and vision in order to raise revenue through capital investment or sponsors.

In Australia, The Australian Space Agency is working to transform and grow the Australian space industry. Their work across space technologies and services will benefit all Australians in areas such as.

Weather forecasting
Emergency management & response
Internet access
Online banking
Crop health monitoring
Autonomous mining vehicles.

Space is quickly becoming a place for anyone with a hunger for adventure to leave their mark!

As the technology matures and costs continue to reduce, consumers will have more opportunities to experience space – just like the civilians who have already visited the International Space Station. 

Brand Marketing Professionals must constantly look ahead for marketing and sales opportunities that can turn someone’s dream into reality using branding and storytelling.

With the explosion of space companies, the intense competition to ‘win the space tourism race’ will continue to grow. 

Marketing the Space Industry and Space Economy

Space Agencies will look more towards digital brand agencies like rev™ branding, a specialist brand agency helping companies integrate their brand with digital technology and marketing.

For more than 20 years, rev™ Branding has helped some of the world’s leading brands to connect with consumers using digital brand experiences and journeys.

With offices in Australia, New Zealand and North America, our specialist marketing team will help space agencies across the world connect the digital touchpoints between their brand vision and consumers’ dreams.

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