Category Development

Today’s technology-enabled consumers have enormous shopping expectations that impact every aspect of the retail landscape. The rapid adoption of omnichannel programs has created the need for ‘outside-the-box’ thinking regarding category management functions for FMCG and CPG companies.


Suppliers and retailers need data-driven assortments, agile product layouts, and truly memorable brand experiences!


The old ways of understanding shopper decision trees and analysing sales to determine the most efficient range assortment simple can’t meet today’s omnichannel shopping requirements.


Retail Buyers and Business Managers need to work with suppliers who adopt ‘next-generation’ category development solutions, slightly deviating from the traditional 8-step category management framework.


rev™ Branding has helped 70 of the top 100 Global FMCG / CPG brands to optimise their NPD Process, Product Launch and Brand Marketing programs.


Our category experts use a mix of software, talent, process and innovation to help suppliers and retailers achieve their category objectives.


Services Include:
 Category Management
 Category / Range Reviews
Buyer Brand Storyboards
Trade Pricing Paths (Trade Terms and Discounts)
 Category Influencer Metrics
 Audience Profiling & Segmentation
 Consumer Insights
 Shelf Management / Planograms
Retail Activation (NPC, RangeMe, New Line Forms)
• eCommerce Activation (Coles Online, Woolworths Online etc)
 Omnichannel Marketing (eBay, Amazon, Catch…)
 Launch Campaign Strategy & Tactics
Brand Launch Campaigns
 New Product Development (NPD)
Environmental / Green Marketing
 Visual Retailing
Digital Brand Experiences & Augmented Reality
Trade Consumer Portals (Coles&Co, Branded Shops, Endeavour etc).


Need Help?


Looking for better ways to present your Category Review to Buyers?

We can create beautifully designed digital storyboards that allow you to more easily present your category & business review information and sales presentations in a single location.  [See Examples]


Learn more about how our rev™ Go-to-Shelf Solutions can optimise your Category Development Process.



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