Product Development & Maintenance Workflow

Product Development & Maintenance Workflow

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow Solution has been developed specifically for the stage-gate steps used for NPD, NPI and PLM within the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sectors.

Product Development Workflow made simple!

New Product Development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are crucial product development processes that EVERY brand manufacturer and supplier use.

Never before has the world become more of a global marketplace. With global manufacturing and sourcing programs, and omnichannel sales and marketing, for brand manufacturers to remain successful in the face of maturing products, they need to be more strategic and efficient with their New Product Development (NPD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) process.

The Business Challenge

The odds weigh heavily against success for many new products!

• Thousands of new products are presented to the market; only a handful will ever get to the shelf.

• Brand Manufacturers use techniques like category management to understand consumers, markets, as well as competitor products to create strong NPD / NPI retail arguments

• Brand Manufacturers need to develop products that deliver superior value to both customers and the retail category.

• Retailers are under constant pressure to drive product value in their stores. They use the consumer purchase process to drive range, brand, price, and margins.

• Global sourcing allows retailers far greater access to branded and private label products. This pushes down the wholesale costs which increase profit margins.

How Aligned are your People and Projects?

97% of employees and executives believe that alignment impacts outcomes.

Is your organisation still mired in information silos? 
Are you still relying on ad-hoc, error-prone processes that require users to constantly switch between multiple systems?

Did you know?

36% of a typical workday is spent looking for and consolidating information.

44% of the time, workers can’t find the information they need.

Workers spend an average of 8.6 hours a week preparing for and attending status meetings.

87% of executives believe that agility is the KEY to successful brand launches.

The Solution: rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow

This product development and sales pressure have forced companies to plan and implement systematic, customer-driven new product development and new product introduction programs.

Product Development Workflow tools delivered by specialist NPD, NPI, PLM agencies create streamlined and efficient business processes.

Product Development Workflow also is known as NPD Workflow or PLM Workflow ensures faster and more accurate go-to-market programs. These enforce product information being captured, reviewed and approved by the right people in the business.

rev™ Branding (rev™) is a specialist brand marketing agency for brand manufacturers, suppliers, and retail distribution companies.

Our rev™ Go-to-Shelf Solutions include;
• Brand & Product Management Services
• Category Management Programs
• Sales Training, Coaching and Mentoring
• NPD / NPI / PLM Services
• Product Development Workflow.

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow is our Product Development Workflow solution developed specifically for the stage-gate steps used for NPD, NPI and PLM within the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sectors.

THE BEST BIT! Well, we have combined the flexibility of Process St workflow tools, a cloud-based (SaaS) software, with our own pre-built templates for Item Maintenance, Price Maintenance, NPD, NPI.

We DO NOT flog software licences!
rev™ Branding understands the product launch and business review process between suppliers and buyers and combines software, customised business process, and pre-built templates and workflow steps.

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow: NPD Stage Gates

NPD / NPI Workflow from rev™ has been created to already incorporate the stage gates already used in the new product development and introduction process.

1. Ideation and Discovery
2. Scope and Business Case
3. Strategic analysis
4. Product development and testing
5. Market testing
6. Commercialisation
7. Product launch
8. Product Maintenance.

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow: Product Maintenance

Post product launch and as part of the product lifecycle management process is item and price maintenance.

Out of the box, we’ve incorporated an item and price maintenance form and a workflow template that allows you to plan for product changes such as pack changes, label changes, and price changes.

Item Maintenance Form (example)

Item Maintenance Status Report (example)

Item Maintenance Workflow Email (example)

Need more information?

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow Solution provides configurable workflow control and visibility (data governance) to support your NPD / NPI and Product Maintenance process.

When you activate the rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow Solution, you then have access to our pre-built forms and workflow templates that manage product maintenance and NPD processes supporting GS1 attributes.

To understand more about our service which includes the Product Maintenance and NPD forms & workflow templates, please contact Robert Durrant our NPD specialist on +61 3 9863 7444 or [email protected].

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