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Our rev™ Go-to-Shelf Solutions optimise your New Product Development, Product Launch, and Brand Marketing Process.


NPD Optimisation Service

Expedite product launches by creating a systematic, customer-driven New Product Development (NPD) and New Product Introduction (NPI) process for your business

Service covers:
• Building your business objectives
• Defining your target market
• Defining your sales offer and price point
• Understanding your strategic sales position
• How to align marketing campaigns with sales objectives
• Building a lead generation campaign strategy
• How to build a sales process and framework
• How to build sales engagement, qualification, and nurturing programs.

*NEW* NPD and Brand Launch Review: A formal review of your company’s new product development and launch process. [Learn More]


Category and Range Review Service

A professional outsourcing service that helps companies through their category review process.  Our experienced team work with you to assess the performance of the category and to determine the best range selection that benefits the retail buyer’s KPIs and the overall development of the category.

Service covers:
• Category Strategy
• Category Tactics
• Category Alignment
• Range Analysis & Tail Assessments
• Range Management
• Category Influencer Metrics
• Category Presentations
• NPD Introduction & Analysis.


Visual Merchandising Range Review Service

Navigating retailer range reviews to gain ranging of products utilising our highly experienced team.  Tailored services for smaller suppliers operating within tier-2 & 3 categories.  These companies are more focused on category positioning and layouts than a detailed analysis of consumer sales data.  We help you to decide the most relevant product range and create layouts that meet your retail buyers’ store design and business objectives.

Service covers:
• Category Strategy
• Category Tactics
• Category Alignment
• Range Management
• Category Influencer Metrics
• Visual Merchandise Display Plan
• Category Presentations
• NPD Go-to-Market Presentations.


Sales Presentation Toolkit & Sales Training

Get the most out of your business review meetings and presentations.
Our sales-ready toolkit ensures that your account managers and sales team have easy access to relevant category information, influencer metrics, development plans and sales tools thus ensuring a professional and unified launch.

Service covers:
• Consumer Research
• Retail Activation Plan
• Promotional Plan
• Sales Presentation Deck
• Retailer Buying Forms
• Retailer Presentation Agenda.

*NEW* Sales Training & Coaching: Sales training workshops to up-skill business and account managers to improve their sales results. [Learn More]


Product Risk & Category Resilience

Identify and manage category and product risks ahead of time.
Our product portfolio & category risk review helps you to understand any product or category risks well in advance of your category review. We look at your existing range and identify and non-performing products as well as highlighting potential growth opportunity segments.

Program covers:
• Category Review
• Product Range Review
• Category Strategy & Tactics
• Category Alignment
• Range Analysis
• Sales & Shopper Analysis
• Early Engagement Planning
• Risk Summary
• Exit Strategy for non-performing SKUs
• Growth Opportunity Plan.


Trade Activation Services

Our outsourced Trade Marketing and Retail Activation Services remove the delays, bottlenecks and distractions by providing an external specialist resource. Let our highly-skilled team handle the completion of tasks such as planograms, GS1 reports, buying forms, NPC data synchronisation etc.

Program covers:
• Planograms
• Item & Price Data Maintenance
• Retailer Buying Forms
• National Product Catalogue (NPC) Data Sync
• GS1 Compliance Reports
• POS Concepts
• Retail Activation Planning
• Gold Standard Space & Range.


Brand Launch & Marketing Services

Our Brand & Product Launch Marketing service promotes brands and drives consumer engagement.  We bring together powerful strategy, planning, creative and digital to engage your audience through sales-focused campaigns and brand marketing media.

Service covers:
• Brand Identity, Message & Positioning
• Brand Launch Management
• Promotional Campaigns
• Brand Ambassadors
• Instore Merchandisers
• Affiliate Marketing
• Branded Merchandise & Giveaways
• Consumer Engagement Tactics
• Trade Show and Conference Management.


Coles & Woolworths Paid Search Campaigns

Let our digital campaign team show you how to get the most out of your promoted products campaign investment with Coles Online or Woolworths Shop or Endeavour Drinks to deliver a far greater return-on-advertising-spend.

Service covers:
• Campaign Optimisation Plan
• Onboarding and Activation Services
• Online Catalogue and Product Card Enhancement
• Promoted Products Campaign Support
• Outsourced Campaign Management Services.

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