How to STOP randomly posting on Social Media

STOP randomly posting on Social Media thinking its Brand Marketing!

Why you should stop randomly posting digital content on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and think that it is a brand marketing program for your business!

Learn why Brand Marketing works and why you should STOP posting random content on Social Media and Website Blogs expecting to get results!

Everyone you know has been telling you to “Have a Facebook or Instagram page or no-one will find you”, but its only friends that like your posts, with no actions or outcomes!

You feel like you have some fairly decent social media skills and experience.
You also feel like your promotional post ideas are solid and worthy.

You continually watch companies marketing online using flashy marketing, gaining heaps of interaction, and you wonder what you are doing wrong?

Don’t worry; we have ALL been there!

We’ve seen the impact it has on your business such as lost focus, wasted time, and of course the disappointment.

As an experienced Brand Marketer owning a Digital Brand Marketing Agency who supports customers across 4 countries, over this time and through the experience of trial and error, we’ve worked out “what works”.

It doesn’t require hype or flashy campaigns.
It doesn’t require you to invest much money on Facebook or Google Ads marketing.
It doesn’t require any sleazy sales tactics to hook people into online registrations.

It DOES require you to build a QUALITY BRAND which your online audience can relate with, thus, in turn, creating brand loyalty, trust and value!

Brands are the MOST critical part of any business trying to compete in the online world!

Your brand works both visually and verbally.
Having a well-constructed brand identity and message distinguishes your brand positioning, and articulates the value you provide your customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are building a new brand, or refreshing an existing brand, it’s essential that you construct a brand message that will converse with your audience, create experiences and encourage interaction.

Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords ONLY works when it’s supported with a brand message that your audiences trust and can relate with?

In a very noisy and competitive online marketing world, it doesn’t matter how many posts you do or how much money you spend on your advertising, if the message is wrong, you WILL NOT get your desired results.

How to build AMAZING Brands

Great brands build trust and integrity.
They provide your customers with the why, the answer, the solution, and the reason to choose YOU, regardless of cheap offers from your competitor.

Before you waste any more money or time randomly posting on social media, we STRONGLY encourage you to visit our online Brand Development and Marketing Dashboard.

Here, we’ve created a bunch of tools to help you evaluate, optimise and promote your business brand.

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Better Brands = Better Business