Harvey McKinnon

Digital Experience Consultant

Harvey McKinnon understands that every business needs to have a strong and credible online presence.

Harvey is an expert at digital brand experiences and digital channel marketing.  He has a solid understanding of leading-edge solutions required to build fully-integrated digital brand marketing campaigns.

Working with our solution providers, Harvey formulates the right digital strategy to support our customer’s project goals.  Harvey also educates our customers on the “why” and “how” factors to ensure our clients can maintain their digital programs.

Harvey has been successful at delivering EVERY digital project of our customers.

He is an energetic and highly accomplished business strategist, marketer and solution consultant who is accredited and highly skilled within brand development and marketing, digital experience & journeys, social media and digital marketing.

Digital Experience95%
Digital Marketing80%
Project Management & Delivery90%

Areas of Expertise


Digital Experience Consultant - rev™ Branding

Education & Experience

  • Melbourne Grammer
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge (MA, PhD)
  • St Albans School, Hertfordshire