Dane Cale

Webservices CX Manager

Dane Cale takes control of our web services.

Dane is our dynamic and detail-oriented Web Design and CX Developer who has a knack for conceptualising and delivering elegant, user-friendly solutions.

Dane possesses a clear track-record of implementing digital solutions for e-commerce, mobile app, AI, Augments Reality, CMS, CRM / ERP, Online Secure Portals.

Armed with an extensive understanding of end-to-end SDLC and cloud computing, Dane is a power-user of Amazon Web Services (AWS), WordPress, and also Drupal platforms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)90%
AI and Augmented Reality Solutions80%

History of Expertise


Web Services Manager - rev™ Branding

Education & Experience

  • Geelong High School
  • Geelong Grammer
  • Monash University
  • Amazon University