Anne Adams

Brand and Product Marketing

Anne Adams leads our Branding and Product Marketing Team.

Anne is our executive brand manager and is responsible for the overall brand image for our clients.

Anne does extensive competitive research to determine the best fit for the product or service (i.e., analysing competitive positioning, products, brands, and marketing reach).

Anne also develops marketing and advertising strategies and works with clients to help manage their budgets, goals and milestones.  Our brand team also create style designs and layouts for use across print media, digital advertising, signage, corporate collateral and documents.

Anne oversees digital marketing and brand promotional activities; analysing campaigns, pricing, engagement, and of course sales results.

Anne excels at;

  • Brand Marketing and Communications
  • Research and analytics
  • Budget-management proficiency
  • Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
  • Proficient in the latest digital technologies and trends across brand retention
  • Experienced in social media and digital marketing engagement.
Brand Strategies & Tactics95%
Brand Development90%
Brand Marketing80%

History of Expertise


Brand and Product Marketing Team - rev™ Branding

Education & Experience

  • Sydney Girls Grammar
  • University of California
  • Stanford University (MA, PhD)
  • Canberra Insitute of Technology