Email Marketing

Engage your customers with an automated Email Marketing


Email marketing using systems like MailChimp can be a powerful way to connect people with brands and relevant sales information.


Email marketing is an effective and personal way of sending focused brand messages to an audience who already knows and trusts you.


Research shows that more than 34% of the people worldwide use email every single day, this equates to around 2.6 billion email users over the coming years.

More than half of this email traffic is business-related!


Today’s technology allows you to customise your message in far greater ways AND automate further actions based upon the audience interactions using in-built workflow e.g. if they click something in the email, the system can automate a task such as sending them a second piece of relevant content?


rev™ Branding is a MailChimp pro-user.  We help companies to implement a fully integrated automated email marketing solution and also MailChimp end-user masterclasses


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